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on flow, and the lessons of blank verse

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Needs a thread of its own.  8)

On using meter and reading it, you kinda want to ignore it.

Natural language is so exactly expressive that it has a very steady, unnoticeable rhythm.

In fact, lyricist often focus on drums as ques, more than actually following the rest of the song, that way they can easier express things without bending what they mean to fit the melody too much.

Studying blank verse, I've learned to focus on phrases and commas as ques more than trying to force a melody, allows natural expression.

Modern verse trips me up so bad, but it wouldn't so much if i actually used random line lengths. Blank Verse just reminds me of some of these very crucial things, and why I prefer the form.


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Just thought you'd like to know some of this. If anything, you may at least get a better understanding.