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Mysteries of Parnassus

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i can finally say
i've found true and lasting joy-

my soul, much like
that pair of old shoes,
is rather well-worn,

but, i say, broken-in,
and comfortable for the day.


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You point-and-clicked
and opened my heart...

Suddenly I was yours.


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I don't care if you think different than me, look different, do different things... but there's one thing that must be agreed on:

You can't interfere with another's pursuits to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness beyond reason.

So, grow up.

p.s. personally, I'm not particularly religious, but everyone deserves the respect I would give my Lord... until they're in clear violation of the above principle.  8)


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My last goodbye. But, I love you guys... no, really.  :)