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This can't be the new Crosses album! Who are these imposters???

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So this popped up in my Google Play Music today:

I got so excited, downloaded the album instantly, wondering why they released without any announcement...   Only to find out it isn't Crosses at all..  At least it doesn't sound like them at all.  I've been trying to figure out who's album this is, but I can't find any information on it!  Can anyone help me figure this out??

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Check Spotify, a new album called "Revelations" appeared there as well. It has a different album art and different song titles, but 7 songs too. Only this one is entirely instrumental electronic music but somehow kind of sounds like something Crosses could play with. Also it sounds badass.
i'm confused??

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Not them, but Shaun seems to like it:

"We own the name , that's all ours.. However, the magic that's on those tapes? That heart & soul... That's all theirs, whoever they are..."