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Deftones @ 1991 Live tape?

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chino looks so weird haha
i mean.. the first pic with no beard and shit..

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From a show called Sacto-Active Rock. A local Sacramento cable access show. Think Waynes World. I saw it when they were on btw.

Maybe they still have video of the show.

Couldn't hurt to contact them and ask.


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Nothing tremendous yet but I already received a first answer !

From:  Ron Cooper, Access Sacramento (

We will look but the videos belong to the producer and we have not heard from her in many years.... we did not keep copies..... thanks, ron cooper


I asked him to give me news as soon as he can.
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cool tired of googling for old shows. i know it will surface someday
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Chino can fuckin ollie!
I always knew they skated and shit, but bustin an ollie over a chair is no easy feat...
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'bored' times..

These are actually 2,5 years prior to the filming of the Bored video if you meant that.



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yeah, let us quote the god damned pictures another time

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Wow, thats cool stuff men, so many years ago, we all were young haha

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I was 5 only!!! WTHeck!

Yes yes, Deftones, yes yes, heavy metal, yes yes, nü metal, yes yes, fucking queer, yes yes...


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Dead horse is dead. Ron Cooper told me they didn't get to contact back the producer of the show. Story's over.

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SICK! lots of images there iv never seen b4 nice one
fuckin nice photos. but they so small ;( can you post more large pictures? thank you so much.

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Dead horse is dead. Ron Cooper told me they didn't get to contact back the producer of the show. Story's over.
get the producers name and hunt her down yourself? shouldnt be so hard now in 2013

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11+ years later

I guess ya gotta start somewhere...  ;D

Reminds me of watching Maynard play in C.A.D.

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It's pretty solid to me. A little derivative of early fusion Bad Brains but all the materials, sans Abe's groove obviously, are there.
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