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(Song) Week Gold Edition: LOSTPILOT'S TAPE #2

Started by lostpilot, Jan 26, 2015, 09:26 PM

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This time, less talking, more music.

A single playlist of music that I hope you will try to hear as objectively as you can.

Stop regretting all of the choices that you have made and stop rejecting music just because some other people (with certain unwanted symbols in society on them) listen to them and ruin the party for everyone. You really enjoy death metal and screeching vocals, while the guitarist is raping a pig on the stage? Good - do that on your own time, but on my time imagine putting this onto a cassette and walking through a forest.

Do yourself a favor. Boundless music experience, best experienced on a walk with headphones.
(P. S. Ignore the images of the songs on youtube playlist, some people have bad taste).


MONTGOMERY - "Not Around"
CITY CALM DOWN - "Pleasure and Consequence"
PURITY RING - "Begin Again"
CROZET - "We'll Be Gone By Then"
ALVVAYS - "Atop a Cake"
TITANICS - "Low Frames"
#1 DADS - "My Rush"
CAMERA OBSCURA - "New Year's Resolution"
SOMBEAR - "Incredibly Still"
MOGWAI - "Heard About You Last Night"
ST. LUCIA - "Paper Heart"


Didn't quite get my music boner going this time. I see what you mean about the setting though, cause right now, most of these were just not eventful enough (or not my cup of tea). It did make me want to check out the newest mogwai again though, that tune is pretty tight.

An bád dubh

Ive heard only one of these bands before. Will try to check the songlist in the beginning of next week. I will comment on the one's that I like and the overall feeling of the week, wont be commenting on each song from now on.

Probably no new album week -threads this weekend? I hate to be the one to always ask about "Who's next?" etc, but.... Who's next? Lets be active in suggesting or asking people to make the next album week. We can even challenge people from other parts of the board to do them too.


An bád dubh

I didnt comment on this yet.

Basically, no specific band/song caught my ear, BUT, the tape as a whole was just great.