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The +/- thread!

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+ listening to this day forward now
+ talking to a good friend of mine
- thirsty
- tired
- bored as hell
- everything's bullshit


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Quote from: "fightclubche"


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  • Tokyo
+went to bullfight..
+going to bullfight tomorrow..
+listening to cKy
-I eat to much

your eyes gut me like the sharpest of knives.


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- the guy above me
+ drinking 5 coronitas theen seeing sugarcult at bite of seattle then drinking 5 more coronitas then coming home and talking tou you fucks ( :P ) then playing vice city...
+ my being AWESOME!!!!!!!!



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- The guy above me. No one messes with Che.
- End of holidays. School officially starts tomorrow.


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+ goin to cali in a month

- im hungry and theres nothing to eat here

black coffee

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+ I'm home
+ coffee, sausage and biscuits
+ i experienced so much in so little this weekend, alot of realizations from observations
+ was either drunk, high, or sleepnig all weekend
+ board

- had to cook my own breakfast
- threw up last night after 7 beers and a bottle of nyquil (not sure how long, after i drank the nyquil i don't remember anything except Team Sleep)
- none of my 4 friends showed up (no surprise)

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  • faccs
+ watched a really good film
- brought me to think about things which gettin me down...
"Dude, I totally pulled a Chino Moreno on her last night."

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+going to ozzfest

-football practice

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+ I finally got a good night sleep
+ I got paid!!!
+ planning to go camping this weeked
Now you're standing there tongue tied
You'd better learn your lesson well
Hide what you have to hide
And tell what you have to tell

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+ 1st time i slept till 11 in almost 3 months
+ best bud is coming back in 2 days

- the ex pissed me off again
- my dog escaped and now is in the animal shelter.

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  • faccs
+its warm
-its warm
"Dude, I totally pulled a Chino Moreno on her last night."

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+i was smoking sum weird weed earlier but it was nice .
+getting a twenty twenty later on at night
+have money

-it so fuckin hot
-forgot my stupid blue ID card today and thats my pass to get out of school after lunch,i gto held up a few mins so the school can find if i have a 2nd period or not.
- project for english class.


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I don't know whether these things are good things or a bad things...

I have been bleeding excessivly over the past couple of days from places like my ears and nose.
I'm depressed and listening to Sigur Ros.
One of my close friends had a party that I wasn't invited to.
I was the only one in the group who wasn't invited.
My parents are fighting and my dad is doing things he really shouldn't be doing.
My dad constantly calling my mum a bitch.
I'm falling behind in school and I can't seem to catch up.
I have lost the spirit to write anything anymore or pick up a paintbrush.
At the pinnacle of realising that maybe there's nothing to live for.
I don't feel like waking up anymore.

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  • "it's just the way i smile" you said
- loosing internet-bidding on cure 7"-single from 1982 cuz hotmail thought it would be cool to put the "outbidded mail" in my junk mail section.

thanx a lot microsoft!

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+ had an awsome dream about a guy i like
- dunno whether to tell him cos i dont think he likes me back :S
+bought lots of food for today
+got the day off (paid)

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I am not happy anymore.
Not even a week ago, i was doing ok.
But now, i just dont care about anything at all.
I couldnt even laugh at Mad tv.
I cant think, sleep, eat, or breathe right.
the summer has been to long and i have spent it alone.
i did spend time with a couple of friends,
but not enough time to be happy.
I just dont care anymore.