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OH MY FREAKING GOD, Everybody!... Just what I found -
If anybody has or can find the video,... just... would be fucking awesome!
Mabey one of the rarest Deftones videos ever?..
From what I can see there's an interview and a FREAKING LIVE PRO-SHOT PREFORMANCE - O N   TV!!!!

I think this came up before, a larger version of those screenshots, but no footage ever surfaced.

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OH MY FREAKING GOD, Everybody!... Just what I found -
If anybody has or can find the video,... just... would be fucking awesome!
Mabey one of the rarest Deftones videos ever?..
From what I can see there's an interview and a FREAKING LIVE PRO-SHOT PREFORMANCE - O N   TV!!!!

I think this came up before, a larger version of those screenshots, but no footage ever surfaced.

Oh, too bad.
I was doind a reasearch on what show that was, but there were no results :((

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Deftones + Far = Crosses at Ace of Spades
By Chris Macias
Published: Thursday, Apr. 3, 2014 - 10:00 am

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno’s latest musical endeavor started as a homespun project among friends, but has since blossomed into a hit on the alternative rock scene.

The band, called Crosses (with its official moniker signified by three cross symbols) features Moreno, with Shaun Lopez of Far, resulting in a mini super-group of two Sacramento natives. Bassist Chuck Doom rounds out Crosses, which was showcased recently as a musical guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Crosses self-released two EPs of music before its full-length album emerged in February via Sumerian Records. That self-titled album debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s alternative album chart and spawned the single “the epilogue.” That’s all translated into two sold-out shows in New York City, an upcoming slot at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and a well-received tour that reaches Ace of Spades on Saturday.

Crosses ranks as Moreno’s most successful project outside Sacramento’s Grammy-winning Deftones. In between albums of Deftones’ ethereal heavy metal, Moreno has launched such mellower side projects as Palms and Team Sleep (featuring longtime friends Todd Wilkinson and D.J. Crook, as well as drummer Zach Hill of Death Grips and Hella).

Crosses mines Moreno’s longtime love of brooding new wave music and electronic influences, and it’s a sound that’s reaped unexpected success.

“It’s funny because at the end of last year I thought I’d have most of this year off,” said Moreno, by phone from a tour stop in Phoenix. “But it’s pretty awesome. We’re having fun.”

Here’s what Moreno had to say about Crosses, plus the latest from the Deftones.

What kind of expectations do you have for a project like Crosses? Do you look at it as just a fun musical outlet, or do you hope to blow it up in the biggest way?

I try not to make any expectations around musical stuff. Obviously, I appreciate it when good stuff happens and I’m proud of the record. When it was all done and put together, I heard it in a new light. At first there was no label behind us and now we’ve got some marketing and touring. We want as many people to hear this as possible. That’s where we’re at now.

What’s your mindset when performing with Crosses? Deftones’ music can be very aggressive, but this is much mellower.
Honestly, I don’t approach anything differently. It’s me reacting to the way the music’s presented to me. I grew up listening to a lot of new wave music, even with Deftones, and with these specific tracks it’s a little easier for those influences to come out since it’s not such a guitar-driven project. So how does a kid from south Sac discover new wave in the first place?

When I was in fifth grade my older sister bought me two cassettes and put them in my Christmas stocking. One was the Thompson Twins and the other was Depeche Mode’s “Speak and Spell.” That record totally changed my life. Until then I was into break-dancing and early hip-hop music and freestyle, like Afrika Bambaataa and Debbie Deb. I thought, “Wow, they’re using the same drum machines as the hip-hop guys, but there’s this great melody, this dark melody and lyricism.” At a young age I completely latched on.

I remember seeing Deftones early on at the Guild Theatre and you had more of a skater haircut with long bangs. You didn’t look like a metal guy at all.

I didn’t really know too much about metal until I got in the band. (Drummer Abe Cunningham) turned me on to some things in junior high and Dominic (Garcia, the original Deftones bassist) got me into Metallica. But I was definitely the oddball when I came into the band, like, what am I supposed to do? I figured out my own way, I guess.[/b]

You recently moved to Oregon after a few years of living in Southern California. How much do you get to Sacramento these days?

All my family is still there – my mom and dad, and tons of friends. I try and get there whenever I can and I’m pretty stoked to get there (on Saturday). I’ve also been talking a lot to Todd of Team Sleep and Zach Hill about making some music again.

You go way back with Shaun Lopez, and Deftones and Far were kindred sorts of bands in Sacramento. How is the dynamic of working with him in your own band?

Although we are great friends, and we do have a lot of music in common, we don’t always see eye to eye. But that’s the push and pull that works well. (Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter) and I work like that as well. But recording with Shaun is great. At one point we lived near each other and our backyards were literally a fence apart. I would come over to record stuff, or just hang out or whatever. And one time I went over and he just so happened to be working with Chuck (Doom).

At what point does a “side project” become a full fledged band for you? Do you even consider Crosses as a “side project”?

Deftones is always my main focus. I’ve been doing it the longest and it’s definitely a priority. I think of these as projects. It’s not like I’m unfulfilled with a need to find another outlet. I look at it as making music with my friends, and I’m blessed that they’re great musicians.

Do these side projects ever cause any friction within Deftones?

There’s definitely a lot of planning involved but everyone’s been supportive and super cool. I’d done those (Crosses) EPs and all that stuff during my downtime. I never said, “I can’t do this because I’m doing Crosses.” There are times when I need to prioritize but preparation is the most important thing.

Sounds like Deftones have started writing for the next album. How’s that been going?

We got together a few weeks ago, and we’re all meeting up the week in between the Coachella shows. We’ll do some writing and hopefully have enough stuff to get in the studio before the end of the year. We really fell into a great rhythm, like locking ourselves in a room for four to six hours a day. That’s the funnest way of making music, whereas we spent so many years making records and it was like pulling teeth. It’s sort of like that work ethic from Stephen’s garage in south Sac – we just get in a room and start making noise.

What do you see as the long-term future of Crosses?

I hate to put it in that thought process, but as long as the demand is out there, we’ll go out and play shows and keep doing it. But do I want to get in a van and sell it to everyone in the U.S.? Not really. But it feels good to be out (on tour).

Read more here:
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I just noticed in this photo that Chino has a Depeche Mode - Violator tattoo.

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Fucking chino is rocking that tat.

By the way, there is any thread about the band's tattoos? I may remember one years and years ago.

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Chino is awesome. One of the best singers in existence.

Was xdd
Especially around 1995-1999

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  • snw is the best deftones album.
Chino is awesome. One of the best singers in existence.

Was xdd
Especially around 1995-1999

right, now he is just a good writter

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Chino is awesome. One of the best singers in existence.

Was xdd
Especially around 1995-1999

right, now he is just a good writter

Chino is unique but he's never been a consistently awesome singer nor a good writer. Altogether Deftones are pretty lazy song writers. They've got a method and they haven't changed it in 20 years. 

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Didn't find this interview on the board so I thought Id post it. Its from 2007 yet answer some questions about songs not played. Post SNW pre-Eros era:

Chino Moreno
05 septembre 2007 (date d'avril 2007 (?))


Hello Chino. First of all, a direct question...there are some rumours that you are already recording new tracks right now, in the middle of touring, do you have any ideas about how the new songs are going to sound?
 Yes...I can tell you that we intend to record the new tracks immediately after we came back to America in May. We haven't written anything new so far, but we have many ideas which we look forward to apply to our music and see what comes out. The answer to your question is that we are going to start composing in the next few months.

Which is your favorite songs from your new album, Saturday Night Wrist, to be played live in concerts?
My preferences change from month to month. We enjoy playing the large majority of songs, but if I would have to choose, ”Hole in the Earth” and ”Beware” would be my favourites.

Which is the reason for not playing the track Kimdracula, from your last album, in all your concerts, one of the favorite song of your fans?
We change sometimes this song with another one, “Mein”, which is also appreciated by the public. We try to offer a setlist which should please everybody, so we play tracks from all our albums until now.

Have you consider releasing a sequel of the "B-sides and rarites" album, beacuse you have lot of material that could be included there? Tracks like ”Drive” (Cars) or "Jealous Guy" (John Lennon).
 Yes, you're right, there are a lot of songs that could be included on such an album. I don't deny the possibility of such a material, but for the moment to be honest we haven't considered it. Maybe in the future we'll offer such a material to our fans.

Are there any songs that you would like to cover in the future?
 I'm sure there are, but for the moment I can't think to any of them. I also like to make experiments with new songs.

Many people are asking what is happening with the new DVD, ”Entertain me - a documentary about Deftones”. Is it going to be released someday?
 We decided never to release it in the end. It consisted from some footage made by a friend of ours, who came with us on tour for three weeks, we also made some interviews, but unfortunately our music couldn't be used because of the label copyright. After all, with only some few interviews with the band, we thought it's no longer interesting. When we'll release a DVD, it must be something which makes us proud and content.

You chosed as a new single the track ”Mein”, but initially you had chosen “Cherry Waves”...
I don't know exactly. I think that's the way it came out. Cherry Waves is a more direct song, a song you know what to expect of, while Mein is more special and interesting to be played live. We also felt the possibility of a more alive videoclip for this song, Mein being more alert.

Which is the concept behind the clip Mein, and why doesn't Serj Tankian from System Of A Down appear in the clip, although he recorded the song with you?
 There is no concept behind this clip, the idea was to have fun, not to make an artistic clip. We wanted just to be ourselves and to do what we like the most together with our friends. Serj wasn't present because he is in New Zealand and he's trying to get his residence there. For this reason, he can't leave the country for a while.

How important is a videoclip for a band like you in 2007?
 Hmm...A clip is always important because it shows you as a band to the public and it could make you known to some people who didn't know you before seeing it. Our clips are not so well promoted, so we just make a videoclip in order to know it exists. I think Internet is a lot more important if you want to promote a certain band.

Many fans are wondering why haven't you played yet the song “Combat“ from your last release or “Fist”, an older track which was never promoted live?
 We didn't play "Combat" because we can't play it right - we rehearsed it many times but it never came out right. Regarding "Fist", we never felt the need to play it, we never thought it was that important.

What happened with the track ”Finger of Death”? It was initially included on the album, but after a while, it dissapeared.
 It is a track that didn't turn out right in the end, along with many other which we left behind. Maybe one day we'll record them again and something will come out of them.

Which is the biggest challenge for your band in 2007?
 To keep alive the desire for playing. The last thing a musician could want is to be on tour and not enjoying what he does...

You are also a producer. What are you working at right now?
 I worked with Will Haven at his last album, that was before I left to go on tour. Shaun Lopez continued my work there. I heard the album is ready and I can't wait to hear it. I also worked with Dead Poetic on their last album, a young and talented band and for me it was a real pleasure to experiment all kind of stuff.

How are things going on with your other band, Team Sleep?
 There are already some new tracks recorded, but unfortunately we are all very busy. As soon as we'll finish our business here, we'll reband and maybe a new album will come out in 2008. The new songs are more electro style, and I'm really curious about them.

Is there a chance for a new album in 2008?
 I hope so.

A question that will send you back in the past. which is the first song you recorded together as a band?
 It was really long time ago, and I think it was a funny song, and quite raw in terms of composition. It was called “The Vegetable Song” and sounded like the band Primus. We were big fans of that band at the time.

What new releases did you listen recently?
 To be honest, I can't recall anything in this moment.

 If you will release another single, which song will be?
 I think Cherry Waves, because I can imagine a more artistic clip for this song, with a lot of visual effects. I would love to have a clip for this song, but I'm not sure about it, all depends of the money we'll receive from our label.

How did you get to play with Ill Nino the song Zombie Eaters from Faith No More?
 I'm a friend of the band, and their manager is also a friend of mine, so he asked me to help them and I accepted, all of them are good musicians and it was a pleasure for me to be there.

What are you doing at home besides music?
 In my spare time I'm doing stuff also related to music, I do some more beats. In rest, I go to a walk in the park with my kids, you know, the usual things.

Thanks, Chino, for the interview!
 I thank you too and we send our regards to our fans from Romania and I hope to see us again soon. Thanks for your support.

Hefe versus Chino Moreno / Deftones
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Didn't find this interview on the board so I thought Id post it.

it has been posted in video format:][/url]
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  • I think you know the truth.

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  • Kimdracula
Deftones circa 2015.

That pic is 2013, I think, for the M&G at the North America tour. No 2015 for sure.
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