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Deftones Bullshit Thread

Started by Oldnewtype, May 19, 2011, 07:19 AM

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God, sometimes this place is the worst to lurk.

people are people

@DonkeyBlades, after meeting you on the message board,Lol! You are so slow dude, If you're gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you're just an ass, If you really want to know about mistakes, you should ask your parents...all the insults, because you keep replying shit.. Why don't you slip into something more comfortable - like a coma...I'm jealous of all the people that haven't met you!


I thought it came off pretty clear, but I guess I have to reiterate: I don't consider trading barbs with strangers on message boards "meeting" them. I save that designation for people that I meet in real life. If we ever (unfortunately) met in real life, you would be a person to me and not just a random screen name. Fortunately, I have never met you and I plan on keeping it that way.



diamond eyes is so bad, fuck

people are people

No, man... The clear problem of insult is that too many things can be interpreted as such. Criticism, ridicule, sarcasm, merely stating an alternative point of view to the case in debate, all can be interpreted as insult. But you insult with corny stuff, I can explain it to you, but i can't understand it for you, when you only want the easy insult. Man we'll just keep on, till the end of time.


I do go for the easy insult, but that's because I'm fucking around on a message board late at night. I'm sorry, am I supposed to be insulting you on in a more serious, dignified manner?

And I'm not sure how we came to trying to define what can be interpreted as insults now, lol? I was just talking about how I don't consider individuals I know on an internet-only basis as people I've met (mostly as a means to further insult you, but also because I really do - apologies, everyone on SL). Anyway, I was enjoying this more when we were meanly insulting each other, but all the navel-gazing is getting boring now.

people are people

i was talking about insults, because i was thinking that you really was personally ofended, to keep with all the insults, but if you are just fucking around on sharinglungs. its all good, haha with this thing, i end up not sleeping, I am accustomed, but's already morning here, and i have to go in a few hours,aaa shit.


Well, this thread is certainly living up to its name.
9/26/10 - Patriot Center
5/22/11 - Sunset Cove Amphitheater
8/7/12 - Verizon Center
10/26/12 - Ram's Head Live
3/8/13 - House of Blues
10/8/13 - Baltimore Arena
7/31/15 - The Fillmore
8/8/15 - Susquehanna Bank Center
8/3/16 - Pier Six Pavillion
6/14/17 - MGM National Harbor
5/17/22 - The Anthem


Arguing on the internet is a massive waste of time anyway. Much like this comment.


Mmmm, yes, let the bullshit wash over all of you.


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Was it like it seemed?...


One of my favorite DJs/producer, Asmara (1/2 of Nguzunguzu) made this fun little mix. It pretty much sums up my aesthetic in a nutshell. If you like bass/trap/grime/altmetal.. You will like this mix :p p.s. NA's "Cellar Theme" track is huge and one of my favorite tracks this year.

Track list:
01. System of a Down – "Chop Suey!" (acapella)
02. Korn – "Twist"
03. Rihanna – "Pose"
04. Deftones – "My Own Summer"
05. Jam City – "B.A.D."
06. P.O.D. – "Youth of the Nation"
07. Garbage – "#1 Crush"
08. Rae Sremmurd – "Look Alive"
09. Blink 182 – "Adam's Song"
10. Total Freedom – "Coyote Wap"
11. Soundgarden – "Black Hole Sun"
12. NA – "Cellar Theme"
13. Linkin Park – "In The End"
..Yeah don't go there,

I let you get to me

yeah yeah.

people are people

Thanks for the link! @jerry


Yo check out this event staffer at 31:02, jesus christ lmao. Then Chino's "wtf" reaction is priceless.


what ever happen to the song "dwarf dicks", had that ever been addressed?\


WatchMojo finally made one of these lol. Ever since I saw that they never made one, I've been curious for awhile with what they'd have to say since they do their own research and have casual fans influence the votes.