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Album of the Week / Re: I will actually throw rocks at you...
« Last post by MaisieSager on Dec 16, 2022, 01:58 PM »
The Shape of Punk to Come is such an overrated album.

Post of the year.

IF ANYTHING, New Noise as a single track is overrated, and the album is definitely not.

I've been to a football stadium where New Noise came up every time the home team scored a goal, or parties where this track was played and the guy with his laptop had no idea there was actually an entire album with New Noise on it.
I've been to rock parties in a club in my town where this song is played at least twice a night and people go nuts to it and not even half of them have heard the entire album... all that makes you think differently about that.
you are very right actually, I agreed with you. 
Ah, so happy they posted the interview. I missed out. Some interesting stuff in there. The future is bright for Crosses.
Tour / Concerts / Re: Deftones Confirmed Upcoming Shows
« Last post by defsteve on Dec 15, 2022, 04:06 PM »
Fucking around with playlist orders with the 2020's Crosses material, this flows together pretty well for an album:

1. Initiation
2. Vivien
3. Cadavre Exquis
4. Day One
5. The Beginning of the End
6. Protection
7. Goodbye Horses
8. Procession
9. Holier
10. Sensation
Fantastic EP, I've seen a lot of mixed reactions to Day One but honestly I love it especially because of how unusual it sounds for Chino

Also, anyone else getting huge This Place is Death 2.0 vibes from Procession?
Procession's chorus is one of the best melodies Chino has written in a long time, IMO.
I think this is the best thing they've done tbh. Every track's hitting in its own way. Day One is such a snug bop, grown on me so much since I heard it a few weeks ago.
I can tell Cadavre is one of those songs that I'll be like "This is okay" when I listen to it but then when I'm not listening to it it's stuck in my head all day. One of those songs that is sneaky about how good it is.

Procession has a really cool, trippy chorus. Not sure if I love the tinny vocal filter on Chino's voice on that one, though. Sounds better in the car than on the computer.

Fantastic EP all in all. Now when's the next one?