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Tour / Concerts / Re: Deftones Confirmed Upcomin...
Last post by Inexhale - Jan 17, 2024, 09:59 PM
Yes, they almost seem to be the only metal band on the lineup, it's already a hint for the new album
Tour / Concerts / Re: Deftones Confirmed Upcomin...
Last post by Inkblades - Jan 17, 2024, 02:11 AM
Deftones will be playing Coachella this year. And now we have a first sign of a run up for the new album.
It is what it seems, along with Saudade as well
Another team sleep CASUALTY i guess?...
Quote from: Sol Invicto on Jan 11, 2024, 03:35 PM
Quote from: surgery on Sep 05, 2023, 09:44 PM

Some inspiration for stef

He needs less inspiration!

Yes, Stef has already conducted his research on the flat earth, let's see the new sounds in February
Deftones / Re: Around the fur '14 Mixes' ...
Last post by B33HIV3 - Jan 08, 2024, 09:51 PM
Quote from: JoeBoy on Nov 20, 2018, 06:42 PM
I see, thanks for clearing that up guys. Hopefully it could surface one day, I'd like to hear all the nuances on the demo anyways.

This was posted in '18, yes, it's true. Eventually, the 14 will become available, but if someone has them and wants to share
Yeah, those songs must be among their favorites from the new album. They always include them in the setlist. Let's see if they add some different ones.
This album's still hitting the spot for me. Found myself repeatedly singing the verses of Found around the house yesterday, and I've got Grace in my head today.