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Gorgeous EP. Tennisface has some new guitar at the end that absolutely rules and also nice to finally hear a full version of No. Also really loving the spaciness of the other songs. Will be interesting to see if more old TS demos are reworked and pop up on future releases.
The Anti Quant EP is up. New renditions of Tennisface and No.
Deftones / Hole In The Earth UK single
« Last post by BS3 on Jan 29, 2023, 04:46 PM »
The UK single has 2 live tracks on it.. My Own Summer and Hexagram.. Does anyone know what shows these are from?
Music General Discussion / Re: Dredg
« Last post by Martin on Jan 28, 2023, 12:38 PM »
Wonder about Dredg too. I remember plans of B-sides album, a scrapbook and stuff like that. And last year there was talk about new music. After that I haven't heard much.
I do know the live album got a vinyl treatment, and it's being send out now. I love that live album.

Almost two years since I posted this, and I'm going through the immense package that is 'The Vault'. Love the scrapbook, there's so much to see and read.
Anyone else got this?
Todd Wilkinson and Gil Sharone EP next Friday...featuring Rick Verrett and Chuck Doom.

I'll take it.
Deftones / Re: Eros
« Last post by sharinglungs on Jan 16, 2023, 05:15 AM »
AI Generated "EROS" Album art.

Deftones / Re: Deftones Download & Request Thread II
« Last post by Vesanic on Jan 11, 2023, 01:18 AM »
X Posted from the Instrumentals thread.

This includes all of Adrenaline and Around the Fur.
Hexagram, Deathblow and Battle-Axe from Lovers
Prayers/Triangles, Doomed User, Geometric Headdress, Hearts/Wires, Pittura Infamente Xenon and Gore from Gore
Genesis, Ceremony, The Spell of Mathematics, Pompeji and This Link is Dead from Ohms

and also The Chauffeur

I farmed these from multiple sources- reddit, you tube and soundcloud like sites-
Kicker is these all had the vocals ripped and smoothed over by AI progs, which has been a thing for a minute but its very hard to get the rates right, anyway theses are the best of whats out there, Adrn and AtF each were completed from one source so the levels match more or less and to me AtF sounds the greatest-97-99 percent perfect.
Ohms is 95-99 percent perfect
Gore is tied with Adrenaline for 90-15 perfect perfect.

Might not be every ones cup of tea as the AI is not perfect and lets face it Chinos vocals area all over the place and the tracks with the sensual whispers AND eagle screams were a bitch for the AI to figure out so you'll notice more on those. Also on the older stuff with CHI, its cool because the AI wasn't programmed for his voice really so you can still hear his bg vocals here and there, makes some of the songs more ethereal in my opinion. Probably the best we'll get.

In the context of the current technology, I must say a couple of those sound great. I'm not sure I hear anything other than the music on Damone for example. Thanks a lot for providing with those.

Don't want to overdo it, just curious if you considered doing the self-titled. Hexagram sounds pretty good