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Day One has really grown on me.

I love this thing. Procession might actually be my least favourite at this stage but the way the melody drops down in the chorus is lovely (and Shaun's production on Chino's voice on that track is really interesting accentuates it differently to how I've ever heard it used before).

Cadavre is smooth as hell. The climbing notes underneath the melody sound cool as hell.
Holier is great but I think I actually like Procession more. Not sure what to think of Cadavre yet lol. Overall, this is a VERY electronic sounding EP. Especially compared to the previous one. I dig it. I think Sensation is still my favorite of the released tracks thus far though.
Holier is an all-time great Chino song for me. Love those melodies, those synths and those thick bass hits. They added a lot of flourishes to it too, the version I heard was more stripped down.

I'm gonna need some more time with Cadavre and Procession before I give my opinion on those. Well, besides Cadavre reminds me a bit of George Michael for some reason.
Mailing list, check your email.
Here's a well-written review of the EP. There's a couple other reviews out there but this one stood out to me the most...
Holier snippet:

Haha, beat me to it. I was actually going to ask you if it's Holier. Definitely fits your description so far. Loving it.

Bunch of studio snippets here, who knows what will be on the EP but they sound really cool - loving the haunted sound of the first clip.