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Theis, I love the hunter, looks like that makes only 2 of us, but hey !!!         :)

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Really digging the new album after a couple of listens. It's much more focused and coherent than OMRTS.

Favorite tracks so far: Roots Remain, Clandestiny, Scorpion Breath (SCOTT KELLLLYYYY!), Jaguar God (this song is just an awesome blend of Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye).

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Ancient Kingdom is just classic Mastodon. I keep coming back to that and Clandestiny and Jaguar God.

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^Some funny moments, it's like a copy of fight club...
Lmfao, funny stuff too...

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I'm listening until now Emperor of Sand and noticed there are some instrumentals. Is there the full album in instrumental?
If so, someone can share it to download, please?
Thanks  :D

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Mastodon is slowly  trying to take that covers crown away from Deftones.