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The +/- thread!

Started by raynor, Jun 22, 2004, 10:15 PM

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That sounds great man


Good! I like it! I can hear the Deftones influence. The opening guitar reminds me of Rosemary.

Keep it up!


+ Thumbs up! woah! Thank you guys :D
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long post

[spoiler]- It's devastating. I can't make decent music = fullfil the dream of my life that revolves just around making music. Or either I can't make music that is refined, focused and finished, polished. And I want to be a professional.. Yeah sure. Over seven or eight years of music making I wrote, recorded, played, sang and (sometimes) released in album form around 300 tracks. I used to make really shitty music, ambient nonsense where tracks are 9 minutes long and three chords are repeated to death. Then I switched over to post-rock (as "the Picturesque Episodes") and it's forms, wrote some quality music that was produced poorly and a vision that is always rushed kept being released in form of albums. So I never really succeeded..

And only recently (a year or more) I shifted towards electronic music that I love making, beats, bass, all kinds of influences, releasing the music under the name King Sleep. I feel like my progress is infinite from where I started (know that as most of you who are musicians I don't have any kind of musical training schooling) but from all of these tracks.. none of them are polished, none of them are finished. Always a step behind. Always something lacking.

I did play probably around 30 or 40 shows during these years, both with a live rock band, or as one man project, with audience building up but never really breaking out. I am 25 and it feels like I have to start making decisions about the long term future, and it seems that it's about time to give up on all this because music does take time.. time that I could sell to all of the corporate fantasy bullshit. I love music way too much to stop making it, so I would probably record small pieces for myself from time to time.. but it all seems as an opportunity wasted, a dream untrue, tons of bad luck. There's a sense of missing out, when I clearly know that some local musicians just make acid jazz and some other rather bad music and it's glorified. And it will sound narcissistic but I don't think I am getting enough positive encouragment. Music is truly social, isn't it?

I wish there were signs that this road is for me. My music is becoming universal in the sense of meaning and creation and I could be making any kind of music any time soon, because all forms of music are beautiful in their own way. And I just can't seem to write that one song that would open up all of the possibilities in music. It's disappointing. And I can't say that I have a bad life - it's rather good actually, but this one element, it just keeps coming back. It's truly essential to my existence as a human being. It's fucking with my mind to a point where I am slowly driven mad by this lack of leveling up as a person, musician, etc.

What a waste of time..


I wouldn't worry about it man I've heard your stuff and you've got the talent, don't let the fact you haven't gone pro make you think any different. you have to be extremely fortunate to earn a living off making music it's never a good idea hedge all your bets on it no matter how talented you are. Just establish some solidility in the other areas of your life you'll still be able to make music, you will have less time to spend on it but at the same time you don't have to worry about your stability, it sounds like because you have fully dedicated yourself to being a musician you've been putting pressure on yourself to become successful and it's taking the enjoyment out of it, just take the pressure of yourself and have fun, your music will improve and the success will naturally come with it.


Thanks for the good thoughts, man! It's a very discouraging process.. if only you knew what kind of music is popular in Lithuania, you would see the problem:)

black coffee

^ honestly the kind of music you're making wouldn't be listened by the majority of people in any country in the world, I don't believe thats an exclusive Lithuanian problem.
Things would probably be easier for you in a bigger country with a bigger music scene, but we cannot know what could or would have been.

Talking about facts instead, you played 30 or 40 shows, some festivals, composed lots of tracks...  That is a very respectable feat in my opinion. Maybe you didn't reach as many people with your music as you planned to, but you tried and achieved more than many other musicians.

I was talking to band members of God Is An Astronaut after a show once, and they admitted that without the internet, they probably would have never made it outside of Ireland. Suddenly they got requests for concerts from abroad and music magazines from all over Europe were interested in them and this got the ball rolling... also it made things easier for them to sort of be "in the right place at the right time", just about when Post Rock was getting popular. so I strongly believe that luck is an important component as well. So I agree with NZ, give it time and enjoy making music, and everything else will come by itself.


^^ totally.

I enjoy your stuff . I guess just be happy with what you have accomplished so far and if the other things you look to accomplish happen then ....they do. If not, just look at what you have done and be proud and continue to do it for the love and fun of it.

awesome sounds also luisch


Thank you guys, as a matter of fact I just played a nice set today in a very nice psy festival in lithuanian forests. And had a very nice chat about the future with a guy who likes music just as much as I do and want to make things happen. So, well. HOPE IS HOPE. Good thoughts!


- Otakon wasn't as fun as I thought it would be this year
+ Got an artist to do a commission of Chino Moreno (will post in SL soon)
+ Finally saw Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

digital bath

+ go to see deftones tomorrow :)
- first train to back home will drive at 4:30 am
- journey home takes nb 4 hours


- fuck bitches


Hey, be nice to your mom !

If ignorance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face.




Finally finish our first song! We need a vocal. Any comment or suggestion are welcome

Brenan - Bukkakke
Searching the machine might reveal what you don't want to know


- My drunken drummer self would advice you to get a new drummer. Where i come from there is a saying that goes like this "You'll hear the truth from drunken people and children.", and therefore you should heed my advice. Talk to you later.

sing blue silver

That was my first thought too really. The drummer isn't adding anything here. My band also needs a new drummer and we were told that a lot after some recent shows. It can be tricky since he's a good friend but when our other guitarist and I have to record the drums for our demo because our drummer can't get it, you know there's a problem.


drummers are always succccccccch a big problem:)


--------------------------------------- Hard Disk Died on Sunday and reloading all my hacked programs and music was such a pain in the fucking ass
- GF on college which means homework is her new BF
- Hot around 105 here in California
+ Got my Ultimatum edition of Splinter Cell Blacklist right from UK
+ Bought Special Edition of Devildriver's last album that came with CD/DVD and Shirt
+ New music by Eminem and above all so very glad Whitechapel is writing their 5th album :D


- not a nice period of time
- parents problems reviving multiple complex problems within me that I had as a teenager, and I can't seem to get away from the mental damage they caused to me
- bf is leaving for work days for five months, yes I know I'll see him on the weekends but is that enough to keep my mental health good and going
- money issues
- everyone seems rather disconnected when it comes to support system
- doubts, fears, overthinking, guilt and fault cycles