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Deftones Bullshit Thread

Started by Oldnewtype, May 19, 2011, 07:19 AM

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Quote from: mothraw on Aug 29, 2011, 12:08 PM
Tune Talk's "Deftones Cupid's Interrogation"

That's hilarious!

While i'm here,

'In addition to his career with Quicksand and Deftones, Vega has released solo material. He released his first solo EP entitled The Ray Martin Sessions through the indie record label grapeOS in 2000.[3] Vega's solo work was more similar to The Beatles than his heavier, hardcore- and metal-based work in Quicksand and Deftones.[3] The EP was well received by music critics,[4] the success of The Ray Martin Sessions'

Anyone have a link to Sergio's solo project?



on this site you can have a look at the old    websites back till nov 1996,not all the stuff works but there is some cool stuff to read!




Found about that a couple of days ago, yeah. Thanks a lot.


you serious bro? site's been around since forever


I know but I've never had the idea to type " " in. Way to be dumb, I know.


yeah.thank you  very much


You guys are too much, absolutely too much  :D :D
One last Thing...You Should Beware the Content!!

Thank God that you........ love..... at all.



Quote from: Penicks on Aug 29, 2011, 08:07 PM
you serious bro? site's been around since forever

I know. I know every website on the internet. Nothing is ever new to me. Seriously though, he just found the site and he's excited, big deal.

Can I use this chair? Seriously can I use it?



sorry dudes i did not want to steal your time.
i just thought of that site because i heard about it  when i was crawling out of my prehistoric cave.
and i never said that this is the hottest shit for  you A+highdefextracoolnumberonedeftonesplatinumfans.
but don`t you think its a little ignorant and arrogant to make fun of me for having this thought for the first time?
maybe there are some people who did not thought of it too?
no big news for you but like jbmp1390 said i was excited and i thank him for being cool with me living on the fucking moon.

so,sorry for pissing on your carpet

leave britney alone


saw that rebecca black video yesterday too. no way singing about which seats to sit in are gonna be big. if you're gonna be big and famous, you have to perform quality with a meaning


I like how the rapper is probably on his way to that teenie party. Makes my lol


For reasons I can't figure out this is probably one of the least favourite Deftones songs off probably the least favourite albums of most of this forums users.
I personally love it and it's the song that made me go out and buy my first Deftones CD after having somehow forgotten about the greatest band on earth.
One thing I have to admit though is that Serj Tankian's part is pretty lame and doesn't really add anything to the song. Quite disappointing really as I'm a big SOAD fan too.
Anyway it's interesting to know that this song was not originally meant to sound how it does in its current form.
I found this interview where Stef tells us how it was one of the many songs that Chino 'repeatedly mutilated' by chopping it apart and changing it with Shaun Lopez.
I think a lot of people would have preferred the song if it was a bit more stripped down and organic  like it sounds at the beginning of the clip.
It would be interesting to here how SNW would have sounded if Chino and Shaun hadn't fiddled so much but I'm not complaining as I really love SNW - the whole album! - yes even incl. Pink Cellphone, which I think serves it's purpose well of acting as a little interlude.
I think the Mein's riff itself is very cool - it actually reminds me a lot of BQAD for some reason. It actually took me a little while until I realised it was in fact the riff to Mein I was listening to.
Here's the clip - enjoy:

Songwriting Battles with Deftones' Stephen Carpenter Guitarist Magazine


Here is the drums (no, not Abe, but amazing cover  :o )
no fist to fuckin' save you from


Penicks why must you always be such an asshole? don't answer. rhetorical question. I thought this was a forum for people to talk about the band and things related to it. Why make him feel bad? He posted a link to a single website, big fucking deal.

Can I use this chair? Seriously can I use it?


has been posted before


is it rhetorical though? answer it for me